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As a little girl, when the weather was stormy, I would eagerly head for the ocean to stand on the cliffs and watch the wild sea moving and churning below. I loved the excitement and wonder at the thundering beauty of nature all around me. There on the high ground I felt my own freedom as this divine mystery permeating through the silvery rays of light and the sounds of the pounding surf. Fearlessly open, my hair tangled by the winds, my senses alive to the sights and sounds, the taste of the salty sea air on my face. The glory of heaven was pouring out in the brilliant splendor of silver radiance trimming the dark clouds as beaming rays of light streamed across the sky. Then, as the storm passed, the ocean would start shining again, the earth sparkling and refreshed along with the sound of the sea gulls calling out in joy. Now, in these days, I have have found that little girl once again. She has returned, unafraid of all the wild, stormy beauty that Life brings. She is my true nature and I am again on the high ground watching this magic of life, this world of God’s infinite beauty. I am filled with wonder for this entire adventure, every amazing moment of it all. I look out and about to see The Divine shining through this world of mine. This little girl is illumined by Love, knowing the waves in our world are created by fear stirred up by mistaken precepts set ridged by the old man mentality, those who think they rule the world. Perhaps their own storms will loosen them from the restraints they live under, controlled by their own dishonesty and corruption. All storms come and go. Stormy weather is part of this magical unfolding miracle that rests upon the Changeless Light of Life, the Living Truth that is unharmed, above the storms, as the Light behind all things.