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“Sunset China Cove” by Sandy Jones

Our Joy does not rest upon the ever-changing, ephemeral circumstances of life. Life, this Presence of Being, being You and Me, is not subject to the temporal ways of the world. No, Life is the unbound Joy, the Real and Living Joy we are. The Life we are is not slave to the appearance of time and matter. This is the Joy that Lives independent of the occasion, free from the bearings of worldly institutions of politics and government, organizations and religions and all the many belief systems and situations that appear here within Life. Life is this Awareness of Being. Awareness Is Unleashed and Free. This Life You Are is Real, it is not circumscribed, limited, wedged between birth and death. Your Life is not subject to time or matter. Life is not in matter, all matter is within Life. You are the Light of Life, You are the boundless, timeless, unleashed Spirit of Love. Love Lives as the holy Light the Eternal Truth, the Infinite Mind that Is Being all that You are. We Live this holy, expansive Freedom, the Life that God Is, the One Light of Freedom Being Awareness Itself. This Awareness Lives as You and Me. It is the Illimitable, Immeasurable Splendor of God being being the Presence of all that You Are.