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Autumn Afternoon by Sandy Jones

We are ready to break free and be this Living Action of our divine Self-Knowing Awareness, right here in this experience of time and matter. We are awakening, eager to Live our Unbound Joy with holy passion. We are here in this experience to find our unbound, creative expression as this unique, Inspired Identity. We are not here to have our Holy Spirit squelched. We have the power of choice. We can rise above this criminal situation that has been put upon us and accepted as real. Or we can see the Light of Truth, and realize what is actually Real. What is Real is that we are and always have been the Living Presence of Infinite Mind. This is our Divine Identity, being You and Me. We are not the body, we are divine beings. We can stand up for ourself knowing we are one with this Infinite Divine Presence of Life Itself. Our heritage is Divine, our DNA the blueprint designed by this Living Intelligence of Deific Mind. As this holy Child, this divine Identity, you have been given Inalienable rights that government cannot violate under any circumstances. We can let go the false sense of self, the mistaken sense of identity as material, to be brave and Live our wholeness with love and compassion. Our wholeness is our healthy relationship with all that Life is. Let us stand fully as this Presence of Infinite Awareness which is the eternal Light being all that you are.