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“Roses” by Sandy Jones

Life is a mystical space of heavenly beauty in Infinite Mind. It’s filled with sensual wonders that glimmer and shine in a zillion lights of tangible dreams. That I am here, being – being is the most profound mystery. I can only rest here in the gentle, deep richness of my heart’s understanding. Heaven is here, inside and out. Nothing else to do, but be happily and gently adrift in the Light of these lustrous moonbeams that dance to the swaying rhythm that lives and moves all that is. This Presence of Love guides and carries us, as we slip gently over the blue watery depth of this Living holy wonder. Here in this marvelous magical world, we find treasures, bejeweled glimpses of understanding. They shine with the Light of Reality, the Primal Truth, the One and Only Truth. Immeasurable Love has taken root, spread and bloomed as the Life of you and me, the Honest Presence of my world. Presence of Love shines It’s radiance and dazzling beauty, prisms of Light sparkling like precious gems. We are recognizing It. A particular Revelation is touching our world of tangibility, and it is applicable to tangibility’s world events unfolding within Consciousness. I can feel this Truth coming into view. New Light revealed is already about It’s work within the tangible scene. Hold this love gently, here in your heart, keep it close and safe with you. Upon the marvel of this Divine Realization we will look about and see, nearly immediate confirmation, that the Living Truth has divinely, naturally, already, always been here, right here. There is no time in all that is or ever was. It is This Holy Presence, the Light of Truth – Now, to see Heaven on Earth has always been here.