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“Floral Red Blue” – by Sandy Jones

Happy in Spirit, happy world. It’s always been you, you’re the one. Joyful heart, joyful world. The world is a reflection of your thoughts and attitudes. So it’s up to you – and It’s up to me. Loving visions, loving world. Life is a Matter of Mind. Our thoughts create the world. The world ‘out there’ isn’t out there, Its Here within the Mind. One Divine Mind Lives this Self Awareness we are. Playfully in Love, reveals a playful world in love with me. We really do live by Spirit alone. Keep your spirits up. Let your thinking be filled with the Light and Life of the Pure Unseen Mind. As this Unrestricted Consciousness is manifesting the world through the qualities and attributes you live, your feelings and attitudes, the words you use, the anger you feel, the fear you feel – you will see appearing upon the world scene. Take heart – there is no one else ‘out there’ that can think for you. There is no leader, no government, no system you can rely on to lift your visions up. And that is the most wonderful thing to know – you can find It all within You. It grows ever more Wonderful because now you are no longer depending on some ‘other’ to fix you or your world. Now we get to LIVE and BE the Light of Love that we want to see. This is the Sweet Joy of God’s Love. Love lets us do It ourself. Each one finds It by Being It. God is Love, so God leaves It up to You – and up to Me. Your Savior has always been within You and your Liberation is up to You