Posted by on Dec 16, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Presence

How very beautiful that everything is pushing us to turn around and return to our Self, the Inner Guide, the Light of God within us. Everything is shouting at us to find this Light, the Truth, the Way that Lives as our very own Identity, this Awareness, right here being the Presence of All That Is. Everything is telling us to find our Self and use our own Mind, the Mind that Lives as God’s Awareness, the Presence of Life Itself. We find our Self and we are free. We run with It. Now we are not afraid. Now we Know what Is Real and True. Now we know clearly that all that is not real IS Here to serve for good purpose. What is not real and true, the shadow, the dark, the fraud and lie is the very thing that turns us back to our Self, to find the honesty that Lives within ourself. The powerless fiction – when believed – is what causes us to seek the Truth. Once we know the Truth then we can thank the darkness for the Light It awakens us to. From this Light within, we can live our joyful freedom from fear. the Light is right here, It Lives as the Infinite Presence of Awareness Being the Identity You Are.