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When we discover, or uncover our Original Nature, we find the pure, fresh, mind, heart, and soul of ourself. We reclaim the Child and we are set free, the fog of the old world view lifts. We understand the world, and are no longer caught in the limited objective view controlled by fear. We find the Presence of Reality being our Original Nature. Knowing who we are, we know what is true and what is not. We are Life’s Infinity, we are freedom Itself- we are a sky full stars, with our feet firmly on the ground. The Child is the Living Truth and understands the chimerical ways of the world, seeing everything as the Allness of this Ineffable Presence, the Love that Isness Is. Living this Light of Knowing – goodness, simplicity and honesty prevails. There is nothing to fear. Right here in the world, we move with perfect balance and harmony, as the Child Lives this divine equation of our own holy Essence. The Child takes our hand and opens the gate to this Meadow of shimmering colors where butterflies play in the green fields of freedom, listening to the Real Authority within us, breathing the sweet fresh air where the wild flowers grow