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This Living Presence is a Mystery because It is beyond anything we can possibly ever comprehend. And yet, the wonder of It’s Immutable and Unknowable Presence is Right Here being this Isnesss of Life that I am and You are. And furthermore, This Awareness, which is God’s alone, has always existed and always will be. It is right here, as this Awareness that writes these words and the Awareness that reads them. Clearly, we are God’s Awareness. There is only One Mind and It’s Awareness is primary, first, all and only. It is not subject to time. Time and matter and ideas are within in this Infinite Isness that God Is. The Presence of Life is not subject to the happenings within this Awareness. Now we know the powerlessness of things. We know our Real Identity is the Changeless Awareness of the Infinite All That Is. When we see this Reality of Identity, we just Be, happily, easily Be. We have no need to push, shove, inject, alter, reform, control, divide, fix or protect this Presence being the Light and Life of all that we are. We are no longer subject to and pulled around by the appearances within this Awareness-I-Am. We have found our Self, we are fearless and now we are set free. We Live and Be this Knowing Light of Love and ours is to Live our unbound Joy right here, just like this.