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We are born pure and unconditioned. But that soon changes. No one tells us we are the Light of God, that we are this Infinite Presence of One, Single and Eternal Awareness. No one tells us that this time/space/ matter world is all within the Divine Awareness we are. But you know, you do, and you, and you – You know the Light divine is your eternal Soul. The Light, the Soul, like a photon, everywhere at once, that’s who we are, right here, always. This Soul, the holy Child is not harmed by our time in this world, not at all. This Child is Life Itself and Life does not die. Life is what God is. Life is Immutable – not in the body – all bodies, matter, time, form are appear within the Infinite Presence of God’s Awareness. However, from the time we come into this world we are taught the reverse, taught that we are bodies with life inside the form, living in a material world and its a dangerous world. I wonder if quantum science is going to eventually reveal What Is Real and True – that all might see and be fearless and free. I heard that the Cern Particle Accelerator will be revving up full speed next week. Perhaps to find they are exploring the Light of no other than God Itself being the Life, Truth and Way of All That Is.