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How expansive to Live the Unbound Spirit of What Is Real and True. Those who are indoctrinated, believing the evolutionary-materialist mind-set are bound to the limits of that frame work. But when we are free from that mistaken belief system, we become visionary explorers, listening to ourself, the authority within us. We know we are the Light of Eternal Life. Then, seeing this and being this – we don’t let big government split us apart through fear and control. Whoever they are “they” have no power over us – not now, not ever, not any more. We are free to Live from our Divine Heritage, the Unbound Spirit of Love. This Joyfulness cannot be brought down by human dictates bound to the erroneous concepts of the materialists who must depend on the fear mind-set for their survival. The genuine Lovers are those who Live from the Holy Spirit, the Real Identity as the Infinite, Ungovernable Light of Divine Awareness Itself. How wonderful it is live the Presence of this Sweet Unknown, with our Heart open and free. Here, in the Mystical Joy, we expand and grow, fresh and new, vital and alive to all things. We live what happens, whatever that might be, with Love. The future belongs to the brave, those who dare to leap into Life, knowing who we are and the powerlessness of things