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Beginning with an incorrect equation will only lead to corrupted answers. Working from the wrong equation for solutions to problems results in perpetual mistakes. We see this happening very blatantly now, everywhere in our society. It is time to live as the Truth and breathe freely. Life is a mystical journey and magical event. When we discover the correct Equation, when we find our Divine Identity, the Truth of who we really are – we are set free. Our view of Life is lifted up as our heart opens to the Living Source of Love flowing from equanimity, honesty and goodness. The world problems are solved through the individual’s Self-discovery and Realization of the correct Equation lived. It’s a quantum thing – there is Only One Self-Awareness Here and It belongs to the Infinite Mind of Reality. Living from a mistaken sense of identity, we see a world manifesting as mistaken, unbalanced, dishonest appearances and the errors proliferate because the equation is wrong. When we discover the Effortless Divine Equation and Live our Real Identity, we see the correct answers unfold exponentially, right here in the world of appearances. Knowing our Real Identity as this unpossessed Awareness of Infinite Mind, we Live in kindness, love, peace, happiness, health, intelligence, balance and freedom. It’s a Divine Equation, “As I be lifted up my whole world is lifted with me.” The correct Equation works. It’s simple, we be It, we see it. We find and Live our holy Birthright, our True Selfhood living the Infinite Wonders for all to behold