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“Wild Flowers” by Sandy Jones

Years ago, I realized with absolute clarity, that the reason we are here is to uncover, know, and live this Love we are. It was a powerful knowing as this gift of grace washed over me. They say grace comes to the undeserving. It was true for me. I certainly didn’t deserve this sacred gift of grace. But there it was, tender, powerful and real. And the holy Child, this undeniable Self of myself, took my hand to show me the way. It is this sweet serenity that is with me. It keeps me steady and true as I go through life. It is a flowing Presence and It is All That Is Real and All That We Are. It is the Divine Soul of each and everyone of us. It gives, and it gives, moving along, unharmed by the world. We are the Light and Life of the World. Life cannot die – whether we know it or not. Back then, in that total surrender, I was shown that death is impossible. I was changed and my world changed with me. We are here to Love. Love has no fear of Life. Love lived is freedom found. It is a magical marvelous blooming that continues to grow full, more alive, deeper, more beautiful every moment of every day. And this is yours, It lives as the holy Child you are, safe, warm and close and in your heart always.