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“Buttercupes” by Sandy Jones

In fact, this is very much what Lao Tse was saying. We cannot solve any problems by taking a stand on the left or the right. We find peace first within our own Heart. We find the Balance, the middle point, our Original Nature, where the plumb-bob holds true, where the spirit level rests easy. The right and left believe they are opposites, but in fact they come together without even realizing it. Both are stuck in the quagmire of hate and division, which will never result in peace. Both are unaware that beyond the two sides and by far the most important, is the third way, the middle ground, between both sides, here within our heart we find the way which is superior and transcends both left or right. Real peace, abiding peace isn’t found at the political or social level of things. Peace is with the holy Child, the Original Soul within us, three steps beyond government, two steps beyond religion and one beyond metaphysics. We find the Child’s sweet Equation, the gentle Balance of our True Nature and we are swiftly carried to the top of the mountain. There, the world under our feet, we find ‘the peace that passeth understanding.’ When we find THAT peace, our world rushes to confirm it. When our world confirms peace, we have been victorious.