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Never fear this Sweet Life we are. Sure, yes, if you wanted to, you could fear it all. But, in the Light of Truth, there is no reason for fear. When we choose to live as the Unbound Heart, then it is a Mountain again. Knowing who we are, this Joyful Mountain is seen with eyes illumined, open to great expectations of our own Wonder beyond wonders. Now we see completely with the vision of the Heart. We know that nothing and no one ever really dies. In the morning, It’s All here. Sweet glory to be this exquisite beauty of Everlasting Life Itself. This is a most extraordinary adventure, a daring act of Love to Live vulnerable and defenseless. Knowing this Light of Something Real, we have no fear. In the garden, the wind plays a love song through the leaves of the trees. I hear the sweet, melodious laughter of God. I have fallen in love with this sparkling beautiful world. It never fails to bring something new. The Childlike tender enchantment within me lives this gentle fearless freedom, daring to live right up close to Life, bare and exposed, flowing with the holy River of Light. As the old Zen master said “God is beyond Infinity to infinity. The Child I am is beyond infinity as well.”