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I grew up by the ocean, where we could see the channel leading into the harbor. The harbor was home for lots boats, big yachts little motorboats and lovely sailing ships of all sizes, small and large. I remember hearing that when a sea faring boat is docked in freshwater all the barnacles will fall off the bottom of the ship. No need for laborious dry dock scraping – just anchor the boat in freshwater and let nature take its course. I always liked the idea, philosophically speaking. Seemed to have a lot of spiritual meaning to me. Anchor ourselves in the fresh pure heart of the holy Child and very naturally all the old burdensome residue of life’s troubles and torments fall away. No work involved. The old mental crustacean dragging our heart around, just slides off, drops away, naturally, all by itself. The Child is like the fresh pure waters of our Soul. It is Real. We Live It, immersed in the sweet waters of our original innocence and beauty – and something wonderful happens, we feel the lightness, the expanse of our soul, our spirit enlivened with enthusiasm, our heart is gentle, tender, open – and navigating through life is a whole lot smoother. We catch the cool breeze, lifted up, we feel the frisky, agile, balance as we sail along, high on Life’s open seas of Infinite Love.