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“China Cove” by Sandy Jones

In the ancient time of Lao Tse and the Inspired Love for the Natural Intelligence of Life, it was said “The world is a perfect vessel and cannot be improved. Whoever tries to alter it, spoils it; whoever tries to direct it, misleads it.” But no one listens to the Truth and now the sunset comes. Those in charge, those who think they can control Life always try to hide the beautiful spirit of the Holy Light from the people. It is easier to oppress the lifeless and uninspired. But Life cannot be controlled. Life is not in the hands of those who think it is. It’s not. This beautiful experience of Life belongs to no one but God. All matter is within the wholistic singleness and absolute Perfection of Existence Itself. Divine Intelligence lives as this Awareness we are. Knowing who and what we are – we let the natural ongoing Holy of Holies within our Heart unfold – and the world will thrive, abundant, sweet and easy. We are the Living Awareness of God. This Reality, this Principle of Being is the Perfection of Existence. Awareness is not the servant of anyone, It belongs to Divine Mind, Reality Itself. To really know is to live with peace, enjoying the ever flowing bounty and fullness of this Infinite unfolding Divine Experience of Love.