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I like to look up and out to the starry wonders and the sweet dazzle of cosmic enchantment to let the heavens captivate my heart. No wonder I have such faith in you and me, we are really made of stardust and moonbeams, and heaven is here the heart of us. We are the Living Light of Some Mysterious Isness. This heavenly Universe, the Mind of God is our divine nature, always here, being who we are. We hold the Real power, the Truth is right here in our own heart. The stars are aligning just right, soon to uncover all that was hidden, soon to reveal the mendacious activity of those who have been trying to undermine the divine foundations of freedom, the inalienable rights, the natural spirit on which this country was built. The heavens spin now, turn in ways that this wrong doing, the ruse, the deceptions will all be seen clearly. Meanwhile, we will shine this Light of joy, our inspiration, our freedom and our Love for Life. We will be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. We will stand on our own two feet