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You are right about that- Living it is knowing It. A bit like a kid learning to ride a bike. When you find the balance you know it and you know you know. It’s yours.. Interesting too, when you find the balance then you don’t care if you fall over, or hit bumps – you even start to dare a bit, to do wheelies and jump off curbs – because you know that balance is always yours. The Joy of knowing this balance is forever yours. You did it all alone, by yourself. Others could have held the bike steady and given you a little push, they could even instruct you how to peddle and how to hold the handlebars – but when that balance was felt, it was yours, all yours. And just think how exited you were to get back on your bike the next day, so eager to feel the Joy of knowing. Well, when you find the holy Child, the Inner Guide, the Real Authority, the Soul of yourself- it feels very much the same way it felt when you learned to ride your two-wheeler. Finding our Original Nature, the Child is the Joy of Living. The Knowing is within you and It goes with you, wherever you go. This Living Joy is with you, in motion everyday. Now you are free, open, alive, unbound and carefree, riding with Life, in Life, on the road of Life – together as one, loving it all, like a kid on your bike – Joy to the world.