Posted by on Sep 15, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Illumination

This sweet gentle Presence is wafting over me as I have come to know, and really know that because we are Here, we are the Living Essence of God’s Divine Being. There is only one Light Here. It is the Deific Light of Infinite Mind. Nothing is outside of Here. You are Here because there is no other Here, here. The joy of this realization comes in that twinkling moment of knowing we are this Infinite Light of Life Itself. There is Only One Self, and It is Here as Your very Identity. Know Thy Self – You are the Light Here and Now. Actually, it really is all about you. The Self-Aware Universe is Here being this Divine and Infinite Allness of You. Yes, magical. Even when we don’t realize the truth of this, It’s still true. This Supernal Isness is the Living Splendor being all that we are. If you have a mistaken belief about who you are, your world will reflect that mistake. If you know who you really are, your world will shine as the Light of your own sweet illumination. From this clear view of Reality we respond to situations and events in life from a whole new vista of understanding. When you respond from the clarity of this New View, knowing the world is Your Self, One Child wide, you will see heaven on earth.