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The more mystical philosophies of life attract me. From this wide angle lens sort of view, the ‘live and let live’ attitude makes sense so me. I trust others to do what they need to do, one way or another, this life or the next, it’ll all work out. This dynamic space leaves no place for fear or worry. One unexpected blessing and happy surprise keeps me zinging with the vital fire of expansive Sagittarius and her mighty lucky planet Jupiter. I see life through the visionary eyes of my heart. And astrology intrigues me. I like fairytales and magical things. I understand the mystical poetry of Life. Everything is a spiraling force of Light – spiraling upwards and out, into the Infinite heaven’s unending rapture of Love. Some people like to swirl around at the bottom of the spiral. Some like to hitch a ride on this ever-moving upward motion Life’s Splendor. Getting up close, I let this Divine Conveyor take me and I see your sweet sunshine smile, here, in this sacred heart of mine, a heart filled with the Holy moly Wonder that makes everything beautiful. Love dances on the spinning silvery threads that shine in the night through starry dreams, wrapping me in tenderness and comfort. Escalating upward, higher, toward the heavenly realms, to see the world filled with celestial beauty and hear the sounds of God’s symphony of Love.