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“Sugarplum Morning’ by Sandy Jones

This endearing song by the Bee Gees often floats in my mind. It’s called “Words” – and it says “words are all I have to take your heart away.’ That’s how I feel when I write. I can express my love in all that I am and all that I do – but for me, words are so very powerful. I have this Inner Vision and It creates an exuding Joy here in my Heart. I can see so clearly that we are made of living Faith – we don’t need faith – Faith Is What Is, It is Life Itself, the very Life we¬†are exists because Faith IS All That Is. It is such freedom to know and enjoy the profound Reality. Realizations abound into inspirations of joyful, liberating words. It is my pleasure to find the words that touch the heart of others – if I can – If I can’t, that is alright too. I really do it because I cannot contain the effervescent explosion of this extraordinary richness fermenting here within me. It bubbles with delight and tastes so sweet as It fills me up and moves me and pours out for no reason other than Love and my love for you – you know that –