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“The Meadow” by Sandy Jones

From Understanding comes the freedom to live and to love, carefree and happy, like a child. We find our Self and we find the spirit of an invincible Joy. We are no longer restricted by limited, human expectations. Knowing our Real Identity, we come out from under the influence of secular vacuity, platitudes and propaganda. We’re not buying the coercion cloaked in intellectual psycho-babble, media jargon and controlling mumbo-jumbo. Knowing who we are, sets us free from the impositions of fear based on erroneous precepts. One day we realize we are the Living Spirit of Freedom Itself. We have found our unbound Reality, no longer obliged to the false concepts of the material view of Life. Searching our heart, we discover the holy Light being this Identity we are. Released into this deific wilderness of Life, we are the Child again, playing in the Meadow. We are on holy ground, standing on our own two feet, alone, solitary, and knowing full well that we are Life Itself, Divine, Infinite and All. This is It. The truth of your sublime Beauty will come to you in simple words, your words and they will set you free. Your Self-discovery will be revolutionary and liberating. It will also be simple, real and tenderly familiar. This feeling of wholeness will be undeniable. It is you – you have come home