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The riches are found in of our heart and soul, the bountiful joy of our spirit. We give our heart, one to one, alone with our one true love – this is the real prosperity. Within the heart remains this everlasting secret vault of genuine treasures. Real wealth is not found in matter, but in spirit – the holy, the divine. We find the pure Waters within us and we have found the sacred wealth of Love. Our Soul is replenished with the vitality and delight of childlike joy that fills our Heart to overflow with the clear, quenching holy waters. Life is Love and Love flows from this well spring tapped deep beneath the world of earth and sky. We can do anything as this holy fountain pours out It’s abundance, an energy unstoppable, merging in the powerful strength and sweet surrender to discover we have It all, despite the things we have or don’t have. Always here, our Life the living Waters of happiness, wonder, mystery and knowing how very beautiful we are. Then to feel this, this, the sweetest feeling of all, this holy union, alone, opening to overflow, filled with the fullness of the eternal moment, in love’s sweet caress, tenderly willing, as I am taken by the Beloved One and Only.