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We are the magical sailors, captain of our own ship. Each of us crossing this Infinite sea of Mystery and unknown lands. Explorers we are, navigating by the stars in our eyes, charting by way of our heart. Long ago I had to sail some treacherous, stormy, dark seas, but I stayed steady, with my eyes on that guiding Light in my heart. I kept going, onward, over the waves, through the mist, then, lulling gently, in circles on placid waters. Learning to give it a little time, wait peacefully, staying joyful, singing a happy tune, knowing that the tides ebb and flow. Eventually the wind picks up, the currents change and your sails catch the fresh breeze, taking you into serene clear blue waters, dappled with the sunshine of wonder and beauty. Moving gently on with the tides, trusting this vast ocean of holy Splendor, sailing, drifting carefree, you always reach new lands. Sweet joy it is to wander the streets, where everything is new and the heart is curious and daring. I inhale the exotic scents wafting in the air, I hear the sounds of mandolins, as love’s magic plays with me, leading me to meander along unknown paths. And here, in this divine wonderland everything shines with heavenly light. There are bejeweled gifts of exquisite radiant beauty and secret treasures, all here, hidden in plain sight – all here, for me and you.