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I need no more than this. It’s all here. It is extraordinary, with elegant beauty, dripping diamonds pouring over the infinite silence. The marvelous mystery of existence celebrates this beautiful evening, the doors open, senses alive, touched by the gentle breeze. How heavenly it is. All of this is my sweet joy, the marvelous magic that is being me. We are the living mystery of an Eternal Presence of ever-flowering beauty. The waxing crescent moon delights in the twinkling stars echoing ten thousand million light years of love. In fact, a cricket symphony under the night sky of celestial wonder, the heat of one glowing red ruby, is all quite plenty enough for me. Every moment, every which way, wherever I am, I am living in the middle of the Infinite Beauty of myself. Life, my sweet enigma, a love story so extraordinary, veiled in the soft pink of a hot summer night. How marvelous to feel a million joys, living irresponsibly, aimless, carried along on this holy river of love. What is true and real cannot be lost. I am the wind blown freedom, it is the irresistible and effortless way of my soul. Gazing up at the glimmering, bejeweled dark depth of Something Divine, I feel the soft breath of love’s whisper playfully touching my heart.