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This Universe lives as the mystery and magic of the Omnipresence knowing and being our Identity. The tangible experience is the Alchemy of the Intangible Illimitable Light of Awareness radiating as the appearance of a world of matter, space and time. It’s all a Marvelous Wonder of the Divine Mind. In this Omniscient Light of Inspiration I am drawn through the door to the other side of this All Inclusive Foreverness. The Joy Lives as we understand that nothing Real is ever lost, there is no boundary beyond this mystical sea of Love. All means All. The universe sings a Song composed in notes and chords creating the over-tone felt within our heart. We are moved by this sacred symphony, written, played and heard within the Mind of Something that Always Was and Always Will Be. This Life we are is a Love Song. We are the holy notes of this Living phantasmic Orchestra of Life’s Immutable, Supernal Intelligence being the pure Essence of You and Me. We can feel the powerful depth of this holy Beauty that touches us with Self-knowing. Our Beauty is the echoing Song of Eternity. It is holy Bliss to be taken by this Love Song, charmed and surrendered in the rapture, held close in the Knowing of this Exquisite Splendor.