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I remember when my husband and I found this wonderful Oriental and Persian rug shop when we had gone to Illinois to visit his parents. The rugs were so lush and beautiful. This was years ago, when were decorating our home at the time, and the shop had so many beautiful old authentic rugs. I was in heaven looking at all those exquisite pieces of art. So we bought a few of them – and I am forever delighted we did. They remain a pure pleasure that I am grateful for. Their beauty touching my senses. Their magical artistry, and deep colors inspire my heart and soul. The music comes on and the fair coquette within me begins joyfully dancing upon the silky vibrancy of lush rose magenta. Bare feet feeling the soft caress that touches my happy spirit with the holy and divine. Song and dance come together and quite easily, I abandon time to let love fill my soul with passionate ardor. Love takes me on a playful adventure into the wondrous beauty that sparkles with childlike uninhibited elation. I am painting life’s untamed landscapes of love. All my senses entwine, intermingle with the mystic knowing of heaven on earth. And I do, and I do –