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Life is one big symbolic romp through a metaphorical wonderland. Life is seen as opposites entwined as One to Infinity. We are living the duality of matter and spirit, objective and subjective, What Is and What Is Not. Life is One Infinite Wholeness as the two fall in love. Male and female drawn to one another through magnetic attraction. Two united in holy matrimony, Lover and Beloved beget this holy Oneness. One Love entwined with Its angelic, divine Self-Knowing. The holy┬áspirit of Eternal Light that stands behind this world of body-form. The appearances of matter exist electrified as the passionate Love for each other – irresistible, the two merge as one. Together, alone in the silent depth of the night, making love, creating this intimate holy song of Life, a song of boundless wholeness. Opposites pulled toward each other, they come home in each other’s arms. Divine Lover and Beloved imbued with movement and sounds, embracing, gazing adoration of this rapturous body of Life. They cannot live without each other. They are one. She knows Love holds her and leads, as the two dance through the spheres of Eternity’s heavenly realms. She is not afraid. The two are smitten, enchanted, embracing with passionate pleasure, explosive, sensual, sweet and tender. This loving, indwelling heart is aroused by God’s visual beauty, exuding as this temporal world, impermanent magical feast, playful delights of Love in Love with Itself.