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“Morning Light” by Sandy Jones

Everything is God’s unending measureless Light. It’s pouring in, pouring out, being all I am and all I see. Even though many don’t realize this living fact, that doesn’t make any difference to the Light. But, it makes a most magnificent difference to the ones who do see It. Then everything is filled with the fresh wonders of Love and Love’s ongoing Newness. We feel every moment of this Wild World of Passion and Beauty as the Immeasurable Light of God. It is perfect when the intellect gets dazzled by the overwhelming Mystery that only the Heart can see – and the Heart brings it to mind. Then all that has ever been called change – for the better or worse – is seen as God’s Divine unfolding – always Good. Even when we can’t see how that is possible, eventually we look back and see the divine gift that came from the anguish. We see it, and we are released, set free, riding along God’s Immeasurable Light, instantaneous Light being All That Is. And then all these experiences of what we thought was just our everyday ordinary life have now become wholly extraordinary, each and every one of them. Sweet You, sweet Life, my Love and everlasting Light of Joy