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When I was very young, I loved to play dress-up in old party gowns that my mother gave me. Engulfed in these elegant, luxurious dresses, my imagination came alive with the flowing beauty of rich colors, the sheer chiffons, the sensuous, exquisite feel of silks and satins. Sometimes I was a princess, dancing at the grand ball wearing the long gown with eye-hook silk buttons that went all the way down the back. Or I became a singer in a musical play, draped with lace and wisps of charming ribbons. I loved feeling the textures, smooth as ice and the crisp sounds of taffetas in swirling layers to twirl, dance and spin. And we can still live in this childlike wondrous world of delights, immersed in the textures and feelings of Life’s magic and beauty. We can rediscover our marvelous imagination that arises from the timeless grace of Eternal Beauty – the Light of our Real Identity. We can live this innocence again. We can find the Holy Lightness of this childlike wonder to witness the power and magnitude of Love becoming tangibly apparent. Living as this unencumbered spirit, we are set free from the old-world-view-indoctrination. Our heart becomes fearless and we happily live our individuality, knowing this life is the Life that God is, Reality is, Isness is. We live this guileless, childlike, honest joy for ourself – and we see our world finding it too.