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Our freedoms are not given to us by others. Freedom is a private matter that is realized within our heart. Each one of us is responsible for our own freedom. No one owns God, so that means no one owns you. God is freedom Itself and we are the Existence of God’s Being as the entire Self-Aware Universe. Freedom is not given to us by an organization, social experts, political rulings, human agendas, nor any collective agency. We exist because God is the One and Only Reality here. Love is inseparable from this Conscious, Living Mind of God. This Divine Mind Is being the very Life we are. How awesome this Holy Wonderment. We are living this shimmering charisma of Illumined Consciousness, the entire Essence of You and Me is Freedom Itself. Love does not dominate, restrict or control. Imagine the magic of living this Reality of our existence – and living It. It’s up to you. Imagine that. Each one must realize his own freedom and Live It for himself. Real Love is freedom from fear. Love is God’s Totality. Love does not fear Itself. Now we know God’s Limitless, boundless Light is seen as all these numinous wonders pouring straight from the heart. Freedom is something as simple as this, as beautiful as extraordinary as this – and here we are –