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You are this place where the Magical Beauty is, right here. You and your world are one, an inseparable holy chalice of being. You are both sides, the inside and the outside, both sides make the holy grail useable to drink from. You are this holy grail right now, just as you are, because you are. You don’t have to be more or less, you just get to be yourself. That’s it. Nothing more required. Though it is a grand Joy to know who we are. This Joy comes when we find the Child we are, the Soul of us that is our Original Self. Discovering our Real Identity makes all things easier and sweeter. Understanding the ageless, timeless Light of our Self brings an understanding to this time-space tangible experience. Not knowing our Real Identity makes our life in the world much more challenging. It is blessed relief to discover the Child. This sets our heart on fire, sparking the flames that blaze with Love that leads the way through this world. Love does the work. The Child opens our heart to visions of unfathomable Beauty and overflowing bounty of delights. Being true to our Self leads through the fields of wild flowers dappled in our own joyful, unleashed happiness. We are All that, all the blooming beauty and abundance of this confident spirit of limitless Love.