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This matter of fixing things out there in the world is not up to the government or a political systems or presidents, and we won’t be saved by some magical leader of one kind or another. Fixing things happens within you, alone, all by yourself. No one else can live your life for you. It’s a one to one turn around, we go within and find the real Savior is the Divine Light of ourself. We uncover our Unbound Original Self, our honest, whole, sane, balanced, beautiful, rich, prosperous and trustworthy, pristine, holy Identity. And we Live It right here in the world. There is no one else out there who can Live your Life. The Living Light is right here, right now being the Life you are, one to one with God. Your freedom, peace and Joy is found between you and your Pure Heart of Divine Intelligence. This carefree holy Child within is the Christos, the Savior that guides us with inner clarity, wholeness, peace and understanding. We find our divine Freedom, and we live it. The Joy of Life is the unbound Child singing the hallelujah song in holy harmony with the Divine Light of Awareness that Lives as All that you are.