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This Infinite Beauty of Love lives as all things, right Here as this world. We let the holy Child take our hand and lead the way. An Ineffable Something Good and Real is here. When we know It’s Presence, the commonplace becomes brilliant and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Life is lit with It’s wonder and magic. The inanimate comes alive and dances and dazzles, shimmers and shines its holiness in mysterious ways. In the depths of my heart are soft, gentle visions that keep my spirit lifted on this infinite sea of God’s Mind. We are on a playful adventure, floating on the harmonious sounds, drifting in the breath of God’s unbound love song. We are loosed from the human expectations, without fear and lifted up by happiness, high above the maze and marvel of this world. Our Soul lives beyond time, It is the divine authority within each of us. We can hear Its holy song, Its voice is Infinite Beauty. To know the Light we are is to find Real Freedom. This Original Light existed before the world was-–and It is here, within you and me. Knowing Reality, we are fearless, we laugh at the restricting designs the ignorant try to bully the world with. Listening to this Holy Song of Love within our Self, brings us Home, and we know we have always been free.