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We are the Center from which all the images of our world are produced. When we find our Real Identity, we find ourself in the Meadow, a beautiful, playful world filled with carefree joy. That’s because the way the images appear—animate and inanimate, tangible and intangible – this corporal world ‘out there’ is produced through the heart and mind of each of us. If we don’t know our Divine Birthright, our Real Identity, then we see our world in lack, distorted, divided and imbalanced. Who we ‘think’ we are is the foundation for all that is seen as movement and action. Knowing this, we return to the Real Identity we are, the Wholeness, the Balanced Center, the holy Child – hence to see the images of the world living wholly balanced, abundant, virtuous and prosperous. Our Original Nature does not need to be healed, It is always Pure and Perfect. We are like cameras, and the world we see, all the images are ‘produced’ through the individual lens of our identity. Identity is the Consciousness being the world we walk through. Knowing our True Self, we see the clear, heavenly Beauty of the world around us. The Child is absolutely simplifying, because the Child is the Totality of that which Isness knows Itself to be; it is the Divine Self, the Identity-I, the boundless Center we are that Is Already on Holy Ground.