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When we find this Pure Heart of our Self, the facade of old conditioning falls away. We find our Self to be Real again. And we realize the most wonderful things in amusing flashes of insights that come from out of nowhere. Creative Wonders light our fire of inspiration. And I realize that Here can’t be Here without Me. So simple and yet it is profound; Wherever I go, there I am. I am enchanted by that. I and my world are one and I am in love with my world. It’s undeniable, here can’t be here without me. If I flew all the way to Mars, I would still be right Here where I am. The Universe is made of Divine Mind and so are we. The two are one. Identity is all that is, Inside and outside are one. The world out there is our Self. And It’s all God’s Mind, God’s Being and seeing are one Being. We can feel the tender richness and liberating joy right here in our heart. I do love the holy moly of it all. It just sets my soul on fire. Life and Self, all of it the inseparable one. Love does the work, love shows me the way. I’m painting it all the color of pink roses, strawberry love, all my love.