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When we find Reality, and Live It, It can and it will lead to great wonders, riches, peace and happiness. Life is a hurly burly road, full of potholes and bumps. But we have free will and we can make choices. In fact, there are no real barriers holding anyone back. The sense of boundaries and restrictions are created by our mistaken beliefs. There are no victims and no other to blame. One day we realize that barriers are fictitious in the same way that we know a mirage on the desert highway is not really a puddle of water. We drive on and as we get closer the mirage vanishes. In that same way, when we get closer to our Real Identity, the Living Truth of our Divine Nature, the barriers cast upon our road of Life by many mistaken beliefs simply vanish. But we have to test it, prove it for ourself if those barriers are real or not. We have to trust in this Holy Spirit within us and Live It and put the rubber to the road. When we do, the things that might have stopped us from moving forward disappear. It is up to us, we take this adventure of Life or let the mirages hold us back. And it all takes place within us. We discover our Real Identity as Reality is seen and we are free. We know our Intrinsic Value is Divine and we Live It – pure, simple, right here in the world. Check it out. Is that a big pool water up ahead? With the recognition of the Child our Divine Birthright, we drive on through and into freedom.