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This is the most remarkable wonderland right here. Life is all pure soul. It’s an unbridled delight of unfiltered wisdom. Not afraid to die, we are not afraid to Live. And so we Live. This whole wild world is here for us to take a chance and break free from the swirling dust storm of fear. There is nothing so sweet as to discover our Real Identity and then to know, really know, that Life is deathless and eternal. We rise above the dust to see the whole world is the¬†Light within us. We are forever looking at our Self. We are grander than an objective world, and more than the subjective vision. We live the Wholeness of our Self in the magical alchemy where we find the combination, personal and impersonal, reveals the Pure Light of this third Identity that includes it all. And the fear of death has lost its power over us. We are the Mystery of this Eternal Light that Lives. We are dancing with the Divine, we are frolicking together to the rhythm of the Celestial Symphony. We are easy, in love with God and Its boundless Soul of our Self and we don’t have to go anywhere – it’s all right here in our Heart