Posted by on Jul 3, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on One Reality

Recognizing our Divine Nature is essential if we hope to see a harmonious, prosperous, enlightened world. We begin by knowing that Life is the Living Presence is God. God and God’s Awareness is the only Reality here. The reason we are aware that we exist is because we are God’s Divine Awareness. We realize our Identity is Awareness Itself. Our Self exists because God Is the Light of Awareness Being ALL That Is. The bottom line, the common denominator is the Uncaused Principle, the Infinite Mind of God and God alone. Everything seen and known is through the Illimitable Light of our very own existence. God is the Awareness of who we are. Knowing our Real Identity, and Living It from the Heart changes everything in the life of the one who knows–simply everything–in a zillion most marvelous ways. It’s up to us, each one of us. We can discover this Presence of Reality and we are free. To know our Self and find Reality is the answer. There are so many beautiful, bright, intelligent, inspired people who have found their Divine heritage and Live It. We see their light shine. We find our connection to the Divine, one by one. Then in the Joy of Knowing, we Live this Light we are, because no one else can live it for us.