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“Evening Light” by Sandy Jones

When we find the holy Child the mist falls away. We rediscover the little child we were before we buried it deeper and deeper inside of us as we are growing up. For me it began with going to school and being told to behave, don’t be silly, stop day-dreaming, no laughing, sit still to take tests with questions that my beautiful creative mind could see a million optional answers. On it goes with do this, and don’t do that. The poetic, pure spark, the heart of that Child has no idea how truly beautiful It is. But it seems we are supposed to lose touch with our Divine Beauty for a time, so that when it returns we know and really know This Is It. As they say, we don’t know what we have ’til it’s gone. Great joy it is that we can reclaim our Everlasting Soul while right here in the world. That holy Child is perfectly alive and unharmed by time and experiences. The Child is the Balance between Spirit and Matter. Jesus spoke of the Child saying “I and my Father are one, but my Father is greater than I.” We rediscover the sweet simple joy of knowing who we are – I am the Child of God. We are comforted by this pure Heart of us as It leads us through this challenging material linear time in the world.