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There seems to be two differing beliefs. One saying that there is no God, so man can be God. The other saying there is a God, but we are separate from that God. However, Neither of those ideas are true. There is a third stance that sees God, Divine Mind as All That Is, and This Divine Mind is being the Life we are. This third view appears when we make our own Self discovery, coming full circle back to our innocent and childlike pristine Self. The Child is the Original Nature,┬áthe Living imprint of God’s divine expression. God is All and we are made in the image of God. The Child of Divine Light is our Real identity. Knowing this Divine Identity as our Self, we Live again. As this Child of the Light Divine, we know what is Real and what is not. This knowing tells us there is nothing to change and nothing to fix and nothing to fear. We find the Child and Live as Love leads the way. Test it out for yourself, and It will prove Itself instantly to you. You are not separate from God and nothing stands between you and the Light of Life you are. Now you will find yourself thriving with vitality and doing marvelous things you never thought you would or could do – but you will.