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Life is Love and It apparently has great faith in us and let’s us do it our way. This Love is always here, being the dynamic forces of this entire Universe of Living Isness. But the muddled bewildered, lost in fear, strive for control through uninspired upheaval. And the fruit tree blooms and brings the sweet nectarines in the warmth of summertime. Life is the Livingness of an Infinite Mind of Supernal Intelligence. This Love is not subject to man-made rules and systems designed for mistaken beliefs. One day we realize this world of linear time and objective measure is so much more than what we are told to believe. We find our way back to the Truth and we know that no one can measure the Love being the Divine Reality of Living Isness we are. And we learn to let it be and live in this sweet serenity of knowing our exquisite Identity. We give our heart in divine surrender and It all becomes clear. We live this magical wonder that leads the way. You are living the holy Presence, just as you are. This Life is the Light, the One Light that is being All that you are. This revelation is real freedom; you are boundless and perfect as this Love you are – always were and forever will be.