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Our Original Nature is Love. Love exists before the world comes into being. Love exists as the Immeasurable Light of this world, It lives as the Life we are. Love is Always Here. It is the Living Presence Itself, the Infinite, Timeless Light that includes all time and all things. And It is the Eternal Life of you and me. Love is joyful and full of humor. Love is fearless and Love is our pure Identity, the Real of us. We listen to our own Heart, we understand from this is unconfined, intuitive knowing that flows from the River of Divine Intelligence. Love sees clearly what is Real and what is not, and then living in the world becomes a joyful and fearless adventure. We break free from this objective, linear measure, that keeps us bound to fear that grows exponentially in false ideas based on mistaken beliefs. We find the Wholeness of our own Reality. It dawns with a clarity so gentle, so easy and natural to live. Now we are in touch with Life and the blooming wonders that continue to unfold and show us the Way. We have returned to the feelings of childlike wonder and our world comes alive like a bountiful, graceful garden filled with the scent of honeysuckle magic