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I would rather do it my way. I would hope every one else would rather do it their way. That seems like a wonderful solution to all the sociological anguish in the world. Wouldn’t it be lover-ly if we all sensed the wonders of our own living magic. Nothing in Life is guaranteed and it’s not always easy, but it is all part if the mystery and glory of this Divine Trip. Love is a major factor in it all, anyone can see that. Love is Real and Love is the reason we are here, alive, experiencing our own divine existence. We use the painful and difficult things in our lives to test our singleness, finding and living the fullness of knowing our Self as Holy Spirit, unbound and carefree. We let go of the reliance on leaders and groups and human governments. We take off the our training wheels and ride all by ourself, free and daring, with our own brave heart showing us the way. We recognize we are made of God’s Infinite Light and we realize our freedom does not come through anyone other than our Self. Life and the Light of freedom are always ours. Love is our eternal Identity. Love is being lived whether we know it or not. You and I, we are Love’s Infinite beauty, wonder and magic.