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Nice! I like that no one really knows anything. Life is not safe, it never will be. Life is our wonderful mystery trip. I’ll let It take me where It takes me. I’ll keep my arms wide open, my heart always available It all. Love is the common denominator – the rest of it is unpredictable. This wind blown Joy lifts me and carries me light-footed over the stones, the bumps, the ditches. I love how the magic never ends. It is a wild trip, full of joy and laugher, unexpected strange detours – It certainly keeps me from falling asleep. My beautiful world, I am delighted to be here. And I love this adorable Child I am. That old dirt trail that leads down to Big Corona has been renovated by the city government, for safety reasons. It’s not so steep, made wider, has benches and pavement now. Years ago we got to use our own skills of navigation. It was a secret way down to the beach. Our little bare feet trekking on hot dirt and dust, skipping over the rocks twinkling in the summer sunshine. We carried our beach towels and our lunch down the steep rutty path carved along the side of the cliff. But the magic is this Child’s little giggle and vibrant Spirit forever sparkles here in my heart, my unabashed Joy is still skipping along that glorious sunshine trail to the beach.