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“Moonlight Meadow” by Sandy Jones

If you are fond of forecasts and predictions according to the stars, this August 3rd Aquarius full moon is going to bring great joy and good fortune. It’s energy reveals the truth. There will be liberating revelations as secrets are exposed and the subversive activities and hidden conspiracies will be uncovered. Though many will stubbornly not want to see the truth and will continue to hold tight to their mistaken precepts – the cosmic decree proceeds anyway. This auspicious luminosity will make clear that many have unknowingly been seduced and misled to accept control and subjugation through lies, betrayals and treachery. Hallelujah, all will be brought to light soon. This beneficent moonshine will reveal secret agendas devised to undermine our country, our Constitution and our freedoms. These cabals were set into motion years ago. The spinning cosmos says the time has come to uncover what has been done in secret. Our new adventures begin now with these changes in heavenly aspects, planets and stars and moons full of holy magic – as above, so below. And the Tree of Life will blossom into Its destined, glorious fullness of sublime Beauty, receiving and giving to all mankind as we live God’s Equation. Moons and planets or not, something mystical is happening, any sensitive person can feel it.