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That beautiful Soul of yours, the Original Child of you, that’s the one who will show you the way. That Child you were is still here. The years have no power over this holy Child you are. We find the Child and we realize that whatever injuries or things we have suffered along the way have been the lessons that returned us to find the Child we are. And then we see that what we thought were injuries were not ever real in the absolute sense of non-time. The Child brings the Real Liberation and Understanding. It is the Child that is Real—and the Child is miraculously untouched. The Child is pure and unharmed, always. The Child is your Divine Light, the Soul of you, your True Birthright. The Child is the golden point where we connect to the Light of Divine Intelligence. The Child made in the image of God is here to walk with us through the events of the world. The tender and the believing ones will find the Child first. It happens when we let go the old sophisticated, erudite intellectual concepts, and the repressive religious and metaphysical programs. We do it from here, right where we are – in our way, from our own Heart – and we Live It