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“Floral in Pink” by Sandy Jones

The Child is the Way and the Child is who you are. It is our pristine Original Nature, our Living wholeness, completeness in knowing our Self. All that we longed for is fulfilled, in both personal, finite, individual ways, while knowing our infinite, eternal being as the wholeness, the holiness of All That Is. The Child becomes our guiding wisdom, our balanced authority within us, we are connected to Life and no longer thinking in terms of separating life into ‘divine and human’ or ‘ego and not ego’ — as if one could ever really separate the two -the two that One. This innocent, timeless Visionary within us knows there is nothing but God’s Isness the One Ego being All that is, which includes you and me. We are the fullness of God – not a void or emptiness. Life’s abundacne is the beautiful confirmation of God’s Love. We are about Living the Wholeness and Allness, the Everything of All That Is. Not deprived at all. We are Love. Love is being Living Presence of Abundance of Life – Infinite and unending, for all of us. Here, as I am, as you are, here is where we are transformed by the divine alchemy of the Child we are. We are merging in Love with the Divine, feeling, touching the wonders of our own Being. We are the light and beauty the unending miracle and magic being all that we are.