Posted by on Jun 30, 2020 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Smiles

Looking for Good everywhere, we find It. Like children on an easter egg hunt, we look for the bright colorful beauty hidden in this big rambling, wild garden of Life. Sweet joy it is to feel the divine excitement of discovering treasures where we’d only seen a jumble of bramble patch. We look for the Good in the places and times where we had not expected to discover such sweet things. We can find the heavenly delights revealing to us the Joys that fill our heart with laughter and love. We look and find a bright pink easter egg right here awaiting us, to bring us happy smiles. So we set ourself to find something lovely sparkling in the underbrush, in the shadows of the garden, beneath the overgrowth of rules and laws run amok in proliferating restrictions. Yet, with our intentions alive, fearless, our heart filled with the lightness of living as we look for Good – we can find It. It is up to us, we are the one, every time it comes back to us. We are the one who finds the Good, the right, the true, the gifts of beauty out there in the world. And then to realize we are really finding the holy Child within ourself.