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Spirt, Mind, Soul, Identity is made of Divine Light. This Light is the Light of God. It is unseen, immeasurable and Intangible. This Invisible, Limitless, Infinite Light is Consciousness Itself. It is here as the Living Presence of all we see and all we be. One by one we shake off being mesmerized by the tangible things of the world and see the Everlasting Light that stands behind this world. Things, matter, time, birth, death, people, places are temporal, they are powerless – they are lovely and our Divine Nature does indeed give us the heartfelt tenderness that cares about all things. But it is essential to know that all things come and go, while the Light remains eternal. People, places and things are powerless, they cannot harm or disrupt or cause the demise of this Eternal Light that is being all things. The Power remains Always Here as this Living Mind of God. The Everlasting Real Substance is not in matter. The Substance is the Light of God. Things are finite, they come in an infinite array of expressions, visual delights made in the Image of God the Unseen Presence being all that is. The world will flourish as we recognize this Living Light of our Self. No external laws or governments can change the Truth of our Eternal Identity. No matter how much force applied to matter, people, places and things, the violence will not touch the Reality of our Divine Selfhood. Every Identity is the Eternal Light of God. There is no other Real Identity going on here. Our Freedom is not given to us by external authorities, by government, or political manipulations. Real Freedom is our divine heritage, right now, Present as this Light of God being You. Live it and see for yourself